Photo: Peter Lange

In the piece scrawling we are dealing directly using dance with our sensations of Marrakech and we create sketchy and imagined drawings with the body. In doing so, it involves structured improvisations and compositions that are being influenced by the dynamic, the energies and the structures of the location. scrawling is a collaboration between Johanna Chemnitz and Kathryn Rave
The work scrawling was specifically created for the Festival International de Danse Contemporaine de Marrakech, On Marche in 2009 and was premiered at the Théatre Royal de Marrakech.

Choreography and dance: Kathryn Rave & Johanna Chemnitz
Concept: Johanna Chemnitz
Length: 20 Min
Supported by: Goethe Institut, Dialogpunkt Deutsch
Thanks to: Jessica Laigniel