Tief. Schwarz.

Photo: Philipp Wittulsky

This solo is inspired by the texts of Terezia Mora and Meret Oppenheim and their enormous poetry; their worlds of reality, fantasy and myth, and their strength in triggering imagination. Johanna Chemnitz is creating moving pictures by stealing words, grasping images, tearing them apart and putting them together again differently. With her body and her voice, she lets the images transform and find their way into a new narrative. The piece Tief.Schwarz. is an exploration of the unfamiliar worlds.
Trailer: www.tanzforumberlin.de

Tief.Schwarz. was premiered in 2008 at the 103 studio Berlin and was performed in 2009 at the Dock 11 Berlin Theater.

Choreography & dance: Johanna Chemnitz
Lights: Asier Solana
Music: Pansonic
Length: 18 Min